Our Story

We're passionate about providing furniture that is hand crafted in india to the highest quality with straight forward, honest pricing and unbeatable customer service.

Micro Art Furniture

The guiding force defining the company and its products always has been a commitment to quality and comfort.Today, Micro Art Furniture is one of the recognized brands in the furniture industry.

Micro art Furniture began through the vision of one person, whose determination born in the deserts of Rajasthan developed into a thriving company.

In 2001, Mangilal Nahta started furniture manufacturing factory in Bangalore (India) with skilled carpenters in Barmeri carving.

Since the beginning, we have been working both in India and abroad, leading our company to be recognized for our quality works.

We take pride in manufacturing in india and exporting our history, our traditions through our furniture

About Our Furniture

At Micro Art Furniture, we specialize in creating handcrafted teak wood furniture for homes.

 Among many benefits of teak wood , we choose this for your furnishing your home because  its strong, durable and has natural resistance to termites.

Using the finest quality teak wood and components anything is possible. We use single wood piece to make a furniture product without any joints thus making the furniture of superior quality. 

We’re very proud of our skilled team of craftsmen. They’re passionate about delivering the best for our customers .

Our expert carpenters will work closely to create a truly bespoke solution for your home.Each piece is as unique and diverse from another.This makes our furniture a perfect centerpiece that will live on in your home for generations to come.


Manufacturing in-house means we have complete control of the production process and the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Taking care of every detail from start to finish.

genuine woods & excellent materials

For producing our pieces we largely use teak wood, with a minimum thickness of 10mm, that allow us to make some typical details in our furniture.

Kiln Dry Process – The drying process (Kiln Dried) with specific heating system is a process in order to reduce the moisture content on the wood about 12 to 15%.

Spiling and cutting process is the first of component process. Here, the wood be cut and split according size product.


The furniture is hand carved by our skilled craftsman with great precision and attention to detail of furniture. Every piece of furniture has craftmanship at its heart, making it unique. 

In the sanding process, all the components that have been processed. It will obtain the components that have been refined with the same size before assembling process.

You choose the upholstery of your furniture for seating purpose.

Assembling Process – Assembling manufacturing process of furniture is a assemble of components into finished goods.

Finishing & Packaging

Last stop before delivery of the final product is here – where we treat the specific piece of furniture with the desired care product. 

We polishing color of furniture can be choose by you based on your home interiors.

The polishing process is completely done by using water-based paints, each step is done by hand, making unique every piece.

Out of finishing, products move to packaging only when there are ready to be delivered to you.Protective wrapping and cardboard is only used when the product is ready for it’s final journey to you.

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